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Change Your Perspective,

Change Your Direction,

Change Your Life.

Our owner offers a variety of options to help you schedule confidently to advance your personal growth, your employees, your organization, or to explore new topics for the future. From one-to-one coaching, to single presentations, or workshop offerings, our coach/speaker customizes each presentation to ensure you deliver the best possible message to your audience. We also offer tailored presentations that are designed to meet specific objectives and goals for groups and corporate organizations.

Here are just a few of the potential topics, others can be arranged:

Cultivating the JOY Within. - a Certified Happiness Coach, David teaches people how to focus internally to find their joy.

Moving Through the Muck. - life happens, and we need to figure out how to move through the experiences in a positive manner, rising above the fray.

Your NOW, Will be Today, Tomorrow. - too often we live in the past or future.  David's session encourages people to focus on the NOW in their lives.

Setting Goals to Excel.- it's been proven that people who set goals tend to lead more successful and productive lives.  Prioritize, identify, focus, and change your outcomes.

Become the Crowd Favorite! - Making effective presentations can advance a career, make the sale, and leave the audience wanting more.  Leave the fears behind and learn how to become the crowd favorite

Finding Purpose in the Darkness (details below)

Need a program to build the capacity of your nonprofit organization?  Check out our list of "Top Twelve" offerings at our sister site linked here!

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owner and coach

David J. Fry, MPS, CDT
Author of
"Purpose In The Darkness"
"Build a Nonprofit Castle" &
"Become a Crowd Favorite"

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Finding Your 



finding your purpose bundle

The Program

The original, engaging book is now a hope-filled program! It’s a faith-based, multi-media presentation for those in support roles or adapting to grief resulting from death, job loss, divorce, retirement, or any other major life changes. It provides encouragement, analysis, and suggested steps on moving forward with faith, hope, and sharing.

The Presenter

Called to share his story, David Fry brings a background in public speaking and community theater to provide an engaging and insightful presentation that is certain to leave an impression on any audience. Given his personal journey of enduring more than 40 impactful losses, Fry ‘s presentation is relatable, faith-filled, and can provide order for these seeking a bit of light and hope in their lives. The focus is on finding a purpose to help us get through challenging times.

The Format

The presentation is adaptable from a 60-minute to 90-minute time frame and can take on workshop elements to expand to two hours. Financial arrangements for church presentations can consist of a free-will offering, with up to 50% given to assist bereavement programs and/or individuals in need of grief resources.


A book offering will be made in the lobby as well.

purpose in the darkness book

Customer Book Reviews

“I haven’t experienced loss as the author has but he opened my eyes to what others experience. Heart-warming stories of his loved ones (friends and family) the highs and the lows. I laughed and I cried but overall I learned that we serve a big God and we cannot understand his ways but we can walk thru them and as David said sometimes we are carried through them. This book held my interest from the first words.”Cathy

"[An] excellent read for anyone who has suffered loss and wants to know and experience ways to deal with their sorrow. The author shows a personal perspective that shares highs and lows, using his deep faith and compassion for others and to challenge him to be okay. It is an inspiration to anyone who reads it.”Connie

"Purpose in the Darkness is the most inspiring book I've read in years. I saw so much of myself in David J Fry's accurate and descriptive responses to loss through over 50 years in losses of family and friends. David's book, helps me understand myself better and why I too, turn mourning into positive service to others and my community . David's book also shows me how the Lord is always with us. How He lifts us up daily and sometimes carries us. Even if you don't need "Purpose in the Darkness" at this time, you will use it in the future. I carry my copy in my car. I've marked many stories in the book that might be beneficial in the future. Thank you David, for finally writing and sharing this book and your experiences that's been on your heart for years.”Mary

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