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Our Plans are Flexible!

We've listed some of our more popular options below, but we have multiple options available depending on your needs.  Need coaching for an upcoming presentation?  Would you simply like to have a DISC assessment conducted?  Maybe you just need a couple of coaching calls around a particular goal for the future?  We can even do a single call for up to 45 minutes for just $79.  Whatever it may be, don't hesitate to reach so that we can tailor a specific proposal for you!

Choose your coaching plan

  • Beacon Package

    Every month
    Basic plan for short-term coaching
    Valid for 3 months
    • Initial Assessment Call
    • Monthly Coaching Session
    • Goal setting exercise and accountability
    • Bi-weekly email follow-up
  • Lighthouse Package

    Every month
    Expanded package to include resources and assessment
    • Initial Assessment Call
    • Bi-weekly coaching
    • Access to two ebooks
    • Coaching Workbook access
    • DISC assessment
  • Yacht Package

    Every month
    Full service package with expanded resource access
    • Initial Assessment Call
    • Access to up to four ebooks
    • Exclusive membership access to exercises and blogs
    • Bi-weekly Coaching Calls
    • Exclusive Bi-weekly article access
    • Weekly Email Coaching
  • Standard Membership

    Every year
    Stay in touch with the latest offerings and benefit from free content!
    • Standard Membership

      Every month
      • Premium Membership

        Every year
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