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"When significant loss becomes a way of life - you gradually find a new way, your way, ........your purpose."


  David J. Fry, Author/Coach

Experienced in Life's Journey

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David J. Fry, MPS is widely recognized for his nonprofit efforts and has a passion for their work.  He's a Certified DISC Trainer and Certified Life, Goal Success, and Purpose coach.  He has a passion for helping others realize their potential.


Behind the scenes, David has experienced more than 40 significant losses of family, friends, and colleagues.  This emotional journey, and its subsequent highs and lows, led him to capture a story of finding his purpose while immersed in the darkness.  It also led him to supporting others in finding their way through the darkness, and coaching people to their best futures.


His business mission for Effective Advancement Strategies, his consulting company, is "advancing people and organizations." David has coached nonprofit leaders in governance, fund development, strategic planning, and communications. He has supported countless individuals and organizations, motivated hundreds of volunteers, and served as a Senior Executive and Vice President in corporations and nonprofits, leading multiple work teams. A certified DISC trainer, he later found DISC assessments may help assimilate grief and mourning. David has volunteered extensively and raised funds for groups ranging from community foundations to social service and art organizations.

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About HIS first Book

David reminds us "Purpose in the Darkness" was not just an "ordinary grief book" (and a program,) but so much more. It's an engaging story that immerses us in a way that brings "grief to life or life to your grief."  It helps teach us about what it means to experience deep loss, what those individuals go through, and how society provides little in the way of meaningful support to individuals.

This lifelong story is unique in its ability to use humor throughout to lighten the deepest darkness and provide glimpses of hope.  We meet key influencers in David's life and learn a bit about growing up in rural Indiana in the 1960's.  We take the trip as David relates stories of relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues that hold deep and unique relationships only to be taken from him.  We feel his pain as he shares the depths of grief and resulting depression and anxiety.  Then, we're laughing as he relates humorous tales.  

Ultimately, we see how life can change in an instan and experience how one grasps for a variety of crutches.  There are challenges that come to life when being forced to change and give up dreams that were held dear. Encouragement comes through the realization that life goes on and we can find positive outlets and faith to help us through.

In both the book and program David helps walk us through "finding our purpose" by using tools like behavioral assessments and a greater appreciatiotendencies like being a "Highly Sensitive Person" (HSP) as defined by Elaine Aron, PhD.

The book reviews have been extremely positive, and recommendations to those grieving are quite common.  The efforts have spawned a movement that includes a Facebook group and a number of other ways of reaching out to those in need.

What began simply, has become a journey of faith and hope, now somewhat of a ministry.

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