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Presentation Coaching

Let's face it, you usually have something riding on the presentations you make, a reputation, a sale, a grade, or maybe even a promotion or a raise.  Why not engage our services to ensure your presentation is the best it can be, keeps your audience engaged, and makes you a crowd favorite?  We use our 30 years of experience on stages, at the podiums, as leading sales professional, in management meetings and serving as a competition judge and production director to help give you the best possible feedback when coaching you through your presentation.  You can view a few of the ways we can help below, but feel free to reach out if you have a specific area for consideration.  We can tailor packages for your needs.

Speech Review & Feedback

If you want to improve your public speaking skills, you can benefit from our coach's expertise. Our coach will listen to your speech (future or past) and give you constructive feedback on how to make it more effective and engaging. You will learn how to deliver your message with confidence and clarity.

Corporate Presentation

If you want to impress your audience with a powerful corporate presentation, you need expert guidance. Our coach can help you refine your message, polish your delivery, and captivate your listeners. Contact us today and get ready to shine.

Sales Presentations 

With our coach's guidance, you can master sales presentations. He has been doing this for decades and knows how to build relationships and rapport while emphasizing the features and benefits of your offering.  You can pick up some great sales tips as well.

One-on-One Appeals

Do you want to advance your career, get paid what you feel you deserve, ask someone to make a donation? Our coach can provide input on a persuasive and professional request for a gift, raise or a promotion. Get feedback on your proposal and learn how to negotiate with confidence.

Educational Offerings

Our coach can help you improve your style and presentation if you want to educate your audience on a topic. Consider the audience, their needs, learning styles, and meet them where they are.

Audition/Interview Prep

Whether you are auditioning for an important role or going for a job interview, you need to impress your audience and showcase your skills. Our coach can help you prepare for any situation and put your best foot forward with confidence and professionalism.

Basic presentation coaching may cost as little as $79 depending on the needs.  Visit our coaching plans page for more information.

Read our Instructional Ebook

How to Become a Crowd Favorite ebook Cover

How to Become a Crowd Favorite

Managing the Art of Engaging Presentations

Our book is written from 30+ years of experience and provides a step-by-step guide to building your presentation.  The book is free with an engagment listed above or just a few dollars if you'd like to purchase it from our store linked here.

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