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The Audio Book Format is now available.  It provides support for those grieving and understanding for those supporting someone in grief.  Click the link below to view in audio format and listen to a sample:


Audio Book Sample and Purchase


The holidays are more challenging in loss.


  • "I didn't want to put it down!"   
  • "An engaging read." 
  • "I learned so much about what can help."


Loss comes in all forms, kids leaving home, divorce, moving, losing pets, and losing those we love. This unique story brings a real-life perspective to the struggles in that darkness and finding our way through to claim a positive future with hope, faith, and sharing.


The turmoil these losses can cause, leaves us re-evaluating our new role and new life.  As the supporter for someone experiencing loss we feel helpless and have an inner desire to "fix it."  Yet the reality is we need to be more of a facilitator and the author's experience with over 40 losses of family and firends helps provide an example of several ways we can respond.


This book is genuine, offering a new, and a hopeful take, with an engaging story that can bring "grief to life" or "life to your grief," depending on your perspective and experiences. There is experiential insight into proactively supporting those immersed in grief and mourning, or dealing with your own grief and a glimpse of the evolution of grief and life in rural America


If you've experienced loss, major changes, or know of a friend who has, then this book also offers an opportunity to learn.  David's journey was unique, but inspiring, and he's been there.  Any loss can be challenging but when you've experienced over 40, it takes a special kind of faith, support, and understanding, to make it through.  This inspirational journey provides hope for anyone seeking to be supported in their own personal transformation, or wishes to be of better support to someone traversing a loss.


It's not the typical "grief book," but an engaging life story with humorous anecdotes interspersed. With faith, hope, and encouragement, his inspirational journey overcomes emotional odds, including 40 impactful losses of family members, friends, and role models spread throughout his life. Auto accidents, a tornado, miscarriage, sudden and extended illness, and more claimed the lives of significant people with only one period of “intermission.”


Now, he acknowledges God’s role in helping him become a positive influence despite the grief and mourning. He emerges to find purpose in the darkness and relays his journey of completing college degrees, founding nonprofit organizations, organizing community projects with hundreds of volunteers.  He also shares his achieved recognition as a service leader, and promoter of philanthropy, raising millions of dollars for organizations.


Those who have read the book have comments like the following:


"I laughed, shed a tear and learned a great deal."

"The best reading I've done in years."

"I couldn't wait to start reading it again."


A Few Sample Reviews:

"I haven’t experienced loss as the author has but he opened my eyes to what others experience. Heartwarming stories of his loved ones (friends and family) the highs and the lows. I laughed and I cried but overall I learned that we serve a big God and we cannot understand his ways but we can walk thru them and as David said sometimes we are carried through them. This book held my interest from the first words."            ---Cathy


"Purpose in the Darkness" is the most inspiring book I've read in years. I saw so much of myself in David J Fry's accurate and descriptive responses to loss through over 50 years in losses of family and friends. David's book, helps me understand myself better and why I too, turn mourning into positive service to others and my community.

I recommend "Purpose in the Darkness" to everyone. All of us experience losses throughout our lives. The loss of a pet, job or possibly a home to a disaster can also cause grief and mourning.
I am gifting "Purpose in the Darkness" to many of my family and friends. 

David's book also shows me how the Lord is always with us. How He lifts us up daily and sometimes carries us.

Even if you don't need "Purpose in the Darkness" at this time, you will use it in the future. I carry my copy in my car. I've marked many stories in the book that might be beneficial in the future.
Thank you David, for finally writing and sharing this book and your experiences that's been on your heart for years."                --Mary


"Excellent read for anyone who has suffered loss and wants to know and experience ways to deal with their sorrow. The author shows a personal perspective that shares highs and lows, using his deep faith and compassion for others and to challenge him to be okay. It is an inspiration to anyone who reads it."         ---Connie


Send a Copy to Someone in Need


If you know of someone hurting, we can mail a copy of the book to that individual with a handwritten note.  Simply provide the "gift notes" and the information for sending the book!


The book is available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle editions and is sold and shipped through Amazon as well as this site.   We provide only paperback versions with optional gift notes as directed.


Purpose in the Darkness

  • If you'd like to share "Purpose in the Darkness" as a gift to someone, we can include your personal message in a handwritten note.  Just add the info in the "gift notes" section above.  To send the book to another individual list their information in the shipping section and of course your address in the payment details.  We'll take care of the rest!

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