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Want to be richer? Want to be in better shape? Want to build an
amazing business?

How about improving your relationships? How about living in an
incredible house?

All of these goals are achievable. None of them is beyond your

And you know what? You probably already know how to achieve
most of them. You probably already have the skills, the
knowledge, and the expertise.

And sure, you could read a book on each of these topics. You
could read a book on how to get into great shape, and you could
read another on how to build a business. Chances are you would
just be procrastinating. Chances are you’re just spinning your
wheels rather than getting down to the actual hard work you know
you’re really supposed to be doing.

You don’t have a problem with how. You don’t have a problem
with what.

The issue is with just actually doing the things you’re meant to be
doing. It’s sticking to that diet plan. It’s saving that money instead
of spending it on little things. And it’s approaching clients to offer
your hard work.


The problem for most of us is that we just lack the motivation that
we need in order to start on a new project. Even if we start out
well, we often end up flagging and giving up after not long.

So how do you get around this problem? How do you maintain
motivation and drive? How do you stay disciplined and focused?

This is the ultimate example of “teach a man to fish,” because
you’re not just learning the steps you need to take to accomplish
something; you’re learning the very “stuff” that accomplishment is
made of. With true grit, determination, and willpower… you can
accomplish literally anything that you put your mind to.

In this book, you will learn to fish. You will learn to dig deeper than
ever before, whether it is to complete a workout, to write the next
great American novel, or to create your own business. Once you
can commit yourself 100% to a given task, who knows what you
can accomplish!

Bulletproof Motivation

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